BUSINESS OWNERS, WE SPECIALIZE in solving information technology problems - your company's vision - dream - opportunity. Our wizards make that success happen...

    here are ways we help you succeed...

    • Software Management Success  

      Check out our new book about how to manage successful software development - "Timing Is Almost Everything."

      In this book you learn how to improve the user and business satisfaction of your project by simply asking several specific questions at special points during the development cycle. It's ideal for start up entrepreneurs and non-technical managers.

      Click here to buy or view the animated cartoon trailer for the book.

    • Business Growth.  Grow your market using AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools, animated and live camera video, Facebook, YouTube, podcast campaigns, etc. Click here T3 Marketing System, to see our 5 step growth process.
    • Consulting/Training. A prime specialty is discreetly, effortlessly evolving companies by helping them adopt and effectively utilize the latest AI internet marketing techniques. In addition to consulting, we have designed and conducted hundreds of public and in-house seminars for Fortune 100 companies worldwide on such topics as:
       **AI tools and techniques, prompt engineering
       **Website traffic pulling techniques with video marketing techniques
       **Corporate culture change
       **Software engineering best practices
    • We have written frequently for national magazines such as Dr. Dobb's Journal where we have evaluated over 300 developer tools, latest best software development practices, security issues and industry trends.
    • Network design and planning. We've worked with the largest Wall Street companies to plan, deploy and optimize IT infrastructures, in particular, Linux and Solaris 10 provisioning. Other clients have been in the movie and entertainment industry, food, retail, banking and finance, theme parks, outsourcing, arts, Sun Microsystems channel partners and manufacturing.
    • Linux migrations. We have more than 15 years experience with Linux, more than 20 years experience with a wide variety UNIX and, of course, the ever present Microsoft Windows environments.
    • Web site design, critique and installation. We have helped some of the biggest e-commerce sites boost their sales such as Home Shopping Network and Asurion. We are very current on the latest AI developer tools. Wiki based websites are hot and we have our own custom Wiki and blog implementation.
    • User Interface Design. Our counsel in these matters has been sought by such companies as TiVo, Philips, IBM and Asobe/Macromedia. If you are a manufacturer of consumer electronics hardware or developer of consumer software, please check out our extensive product evaluation and reviewer's guide consulting services
    • NinjaScript Certified Consultant . TradingMagic Consulting Service at eWyzardWe help futures traders and private hedge fund managers implement and perfect their trading indicators, platforms and auto-trader strategies on the NinjaTrader trading platform. Click here for details.




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