T3 Marketing: Teach, Transform, Transact Your Way to Business Success
Step 1 - Identify Goals Step 2 - Decide Media Choices Step 3 - Organize Audience Research Step 4 - Develop Prototypes and Test Functionality Step 5 - Book Creation in 30 days Step  6 - Grow E-Mail List Step 7 - Web site Review Public Appearances Live Webinars Facebook Re targeting TV Appearances
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T3 Marketing is a business growth strategy that expands on the idea of engagement.
1) When all marketing communication is designed to teach
2) in a way that transforms the audience into more self confident, self empowered or in some way better or productive person than they were before the teaching,
3) then profitable transaction (sales) naturally happens.
  • When you teach you automatically establish yourself as an authority
  • Becoming an unquestioned authority = Market Growth and Business¬† Development
  • When you give away your Top 5% best stuff, people will predict that what they pay for will be even better
  • When you choose to inspire as well, your customer loyalty will know no bounds
  • Remember that there is a relationship between you and the product in the consumer's eyes.
  • Engagement is the new SEO, not keywords¬†
  • Getting this "you" development to happen takes time to get right!
  • Depending on product, personal goals and market niche, it may not be necessary or appropriate to do all of the techniques mentioned in this document.