Executive View

THERE ARE TWO AREAS in a company which an executive can examine for potential benefits from voice technology. The first area is daily office routine. A second area is transactions with customers.

Daily office routine:

Think about the kinds of commands you could give to a computer that represent things that you really need to do every day. Here are some examples: "What's the price of my IBM stock?" "get my Internet mail" "what's the status of the Hong Kong order" "what's the status of the Lambert case?"

Computers can be trained to listen for these kinds of commands and deliver the expected results. Off-the-shelf products already will take dictation and transcribe them into fully formatted letters without special training.

Customer transactions:

Many businesses have significant interaction with customers via the telephone. A simple study can often reveal where speech recognition and speech synthesis approaches can have major bottom line impact on these transactions and yet keep customer satisfaction higher than the old annoying "press 1 for service" messages. Generally, there are no off-the-shelf solutions, but there are off-the-shelf components which can be assembled into useful solutions. Solutions in this category have been historically called telephony. For a good example of how well this could be done for your company, call this interactive computer demonstration number: (610)-648-2951 (demonstration provided courtesy of UNISYS).

Company web sites can now also be provided with a high degree of engaging speech assisted interaction.

About accuracy:

Speech recognition has two components: accuracy and fluency. Accuracy is the aspect of a computer system which allows it to correctly identify each word you speak as a word it knows. Fluency is the aspect concerning the range of grammar and vocabulary which the computer system knows. Both aspects are important, but as an executive you'll be most comfortable with systems which have high fluency.

Why? High fluency places fewer demands to memorize special command-and-control phrases. That means lower training costs and therefore quicker productivity boost.

Off-the-shelf dictation products have remarkable accuracy but each vendor incorporates different levels of fluency. Dragon's NaturallySpeaking currently has the most fluency for command-and-control. The accuracy and fluency for your own telephony applications can be made as high as needed in proportion to the return on investment required.





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